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Heavily tattooed women designs, artwork images, bodyart, flash, tats, stencils and photos of all styles of tattooing

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Tattoo Articles

A tattoo article is a short written essay or composition, usually published in a tattoo magazine or presented on a website. It is written to inform and entertain whoever wishes to read it, on a specific tattoo or body art topic.

It will contain some elements of general tattoo information and if it is a well written tattoo article it will have an attention grabbing title, a short summary of the article body to get the reader's attention and then use conversational and friendly tone to present the reader with the information they are seeking.

Some of these content articles are available for distribution and re-publication by any individual in the body art business who complies with the Terms of Use of the author and distributor.

Each of the articles usually contains a bio box and author name or pen name (otherwise referred to as the resource box) that include references and contact information for the author's business or website.

Well-written tattoo articles released for free distribution present the potential of increasing the publisher’s website or blog credibility within the tattoo industry as well as attracting new followers. These articles are often published by other sites, and syndicated on multiple websites.

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